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(pronounced More-He)

Mohi is a New Zealand Maori name. A name handed down to me through many generations of my father’s line. I proudly dedicated this family name to my skin care brand to honour my heritage. A symbol of respect to my ancestors who came before me.

I am Tracey Lee Reweti-Davis, a Ngāti Wai wāhine from Tuparehuia Marae. My family originates from the idyllic location of Bland Bay, Whangaruru in New Zealand. 

Bland Bay is a magical location. A serene, undeveloped place still home to the native kiwi. When I travel home to New Zealand, this peaceful bay is a sweet escape from the chaos of city life. 

Many generations of my family live and work in this bay and have done so for many years. Farming the land and fishing the sea. Training wild horses and gathering food and medicine from the surrounding native bush.

Our land overlooks the sea. It’s the serene moments spent gazing out across the ocean that I feel the deepest connection to my ancestors. I call to them to let them know that I am here. I am home.  

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi. Engari he toa takitini: My success is not mine alone, but is through the work of many

Meet the maker

I’m Tracey the founder of mohi skin care, an experienced Facial Reflexologist, Natural Face Lifting practitioner, and avid lover of all thing’s health, beauty and wellness.

Traditional Maori healing methods run deep in my lineage, and the use of pure, plant derived ingredients combined with the power of healing energy are instilled throughout my products and my reflexology clinic treatment sessions. 

I developed a love of natural skin care products and using plant based facial oils very early on in my career as a beauty therapist. They have remained an essential staple in both my own skin care routine and clinical practice for the past 20 years.

My Career Journey

After many rewarding years in the beauty industry, my aspiration to extend my knowledge led me to shift my focus and my work towards health and wellness. I completed my Diploma of Reflexology, however my passion for working on the face never wavered and I felt a need to weave my knowledge of beauty therapy into my new career. 

I furthered my learning with many postgraduate courses in Facial Reflexology, Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting, Natural Face Lifting Massage, Certificate in Anti-Aging Skincare Formulation, Skin Rejuvenation with Aromatics and Aromatherapy Massage (Micheline Arcier Technique)

The Start of Something Special

Throughout my career and education, a passion for blending bespoke facial oils was ignited within me. This burning desire to continually improve my blends guided me to discover the amazing benefits of gold leaf. I was immediately inspired to create an efficient way of delivering this powerful ingredient to my client’s skin. 

My first facial oil blended with 24K gold leaf was mindfully crafted and vast improvements to the skin of my clients, friends and family soon became apparent. My elixir was appreciatively embraced into their skin care rituals and I knew that I had created something very special. A unique & highly effective product that needed to be available to more women beyond my own clinic clients and circle of friends, so that they too could enjoy the results of 24K gold on their skin. 

Mohi skin care was born and my dream of helping women achieve their skin care goals is now a beautiful reality.